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Job summary business manager(3)
business manager
Responsibilities Number of recruits: 3
Deadline: long-term
Job Responsibilities
Good image and temperament, generous and decent;
Working language is English;
Strong communication skills.
Address No. 31, Pulin 1 Road, Pulin Industrial Park, Shiyan City, Hubei
Job type Full-Time
Benefits Negotiable
Requirements Salary
According to the company's 2014 version of the salary and incentive rules, salary includes salary (fixed salary, senior salary, post salary, performance salary), annual bonus (semi-annual bonus, year-end bonus), employee benefits (traditional festivals, missed meals, and cooling (A total of 8 items including expenses, vacation allowances, annual medical examinations, internal training allowances, etc.), evaluation (9 basic selections and floating upwards), humanistic care (family allowances, and resettlement allowances and rental subsidies that only fresh graduates enjoy), Employee supplementary commercial insurance, interest-free loans for house purchase, employee stock ownership, etc.
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